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Golf Physic Preparation

2.52 usd

AVAILABLE IN FRENCH - SOON IN ENGLISH Golf is a sport of precision, often leading to stressed and strained muscles, joints and tendons. Golf is also a very asymmetrical sport, increasing the need for total body support in order to protect from injury or pain.Strength training is one method used to address these problem areas, resulting in prevention from pain and optimization of your body's movements.
A key factor in modern golf is the physical improvement of your golf swing and power through rigorous and specific training.
PLAYCOACH Golf Preparation offers a comprehensive and effective collection of video exercises designed by an expert golf coach to:
-> Promote balanced muscle development-> Develop explosive, accurate power for those important swings -Combine qualities of strength, speed and coordination -Develop and maintain a solid body posture and tight abs -Increase endurance and efficiency throughout your golf game -Discover and enjoy exercises to promote relaxation, energy and endurance
To reach your goal, follow the advice of PLAYCOACH Golf Preparation !
To progress and motivates you to workout more often, you need professionnal videos. All of the exercises in PLAYCOACH Fitness have videos ! You just have to choose a target, watch the videos and progress. It's simple.
PLAYCOACH Fitness offers many training programs to work all the muscles step by step.
+++ PLAYCOACH Golf Preparation +++
-> certified instructor QUALITY CONTROL !
-> a nice and professional COACH who explains in detail the movements !